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The only fully sustainable foundation system!

Minimal excavations or even no dig!

Tree safe approved system (recommended by local authorities)

Through a doorway foundation building system (if necessary)

No vibration low noise!

Build air tight and lower your heating bills!

Faster with less disruption

Options of lightweight build

  1. Steel frame ring beam. Steel lightweight floor joists. Steel frame walls and roof cladding with choice of brick SLIPs, timber or cement board.
  2. Steel frame ring beam. Timber Ibeam floor joist. SIP (Structural insulated Panel) walls and roof cladding with choice of  brick SLIPs, timber or cement board.
  3. Steel frame ring beam. Timber Ibeam floor. Timber frame walls and roof .

Cladding as describe above in 1 and 2.

Using the screwpile system makes it an ideal system for extensions or stand-alone housing.

This system can either be transported though your front door or craned in if required.

As the screwpile does not require any earth removed during installation the need of a party wall act can be eliminated, as you are not undermining your neighbour’s foundation.

This can save huge costs and risks for yourself and neighbour.

We can provide a modular build system which complies to building regulations above and beyond what’s required.

A modular SIP (structural insulated panel) 7 times stronger than timber frame will pay for itself over its lifetime from money saved on heating bills.

Hot in winter and cool in summer, this fast system of building favours what is required by today’s demanding regulations, rising utility bills and climate conditions.


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