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Screw piles are a great alternative to convention concrete piles.

  • Sustainable  
  • Removable
  • No earth removed
  • Tree Safe system
  • Quiet install
  • Quick
  • Instant feedback torque reading providing the pile capacity (how much weight you can put on the pile the most important part).
  • Any weather installation with no delay due to cold or hot weather.
  • Instant loading no waiting for setting.

This is the technical part

Screw piles can be used in almost all situations where conventional piled foundations would be specified. They are composite end-bearing/friction piles, well suited for resistance to compression or tension loads in poor soil conditions by transferring load to high end bearing capacity helical plates. These piles can be monitored for resistance and also be removed after use.

These piles are capable of considerable loads and are suitable for industrial and commercial applications such as underpinning, masts, large signs, retaining structures, houses and portal arch buildings.

After use the piles can be removed which makes them highly suitable for temporary structures as they leave no environmental impact.

Benefits include: quick installation times, zero vibration, no spoil, minimal noise levels.


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