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Client: Thames Water

Purpose: Piles for up dating new infrastructure  

Ground Conditions: Contaminated

Pile Type: Screw piles. Varying diameter tube and helix configurations


Pile depth: 4, 6, 12, 16m

Quantity: Approx 400no.

Additional Work: Full adjustment extension legs attached to steel ring beams

Location: Twickenham, London

Completed: September 2016

This project was very challenging as the old infastructure had to stay in operation whilst installation was carried out as a majority of this was buried.

As the ground was contaminated screwpiling was the only option as no spoil is produced during installation.

As screwpiling is carried out using excavators it makes this a lower risk to overturning which was also favoured on this project.

This method also allows good and fast manoeuvrability around site as some locations were 100 meters from each other causing no damage due to rubber tracks.


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