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This can be a dangerous dirty job which does not always get the desired result when using conventional methods.

Using this fantastic screw pile base underpin system you:-

  • Reduce risk to workforce
  • Reduce risk to structure
  • Reduce the earth removed and in some cases where hard standing such as patios and paths are not required 85% of earth remove can be reinstalled and compacted
  • Reduce landfill
  • Reduce disruption
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce the impact on the environment
  • Reduce any further movement, as the pile is pre compressed under the footing by hydraulic jacks up to 8ton in some cases.

A unique system that enables the installation equipment to be brought through your front door if necessary.

In some cases we have reduced the underpin time from the conventional method of concreting of 6 months down to 1 month without the client needing to move out.


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